Embedded Trading

Let Users Place Trades Directly From Your Platform

Connect users directly to their brokerages to execute trades without ever leaving your app, avoiding the regulatory burden of becoming a broker yourself.


Empower users to take action and trade

  • Allow users to invest more quickly across multiple brokerages
  • Create experiences optimized for trading
  • Build prompts specifically built for the trading experiences

Build a sticky investment experience

  • Keep users on your platform when they trade
  • Allow users to complete the full investing cycle without leaving your app
  • Unlock the full engagement power of your app’s actionable insights
sticky investment experience

Become a broker without the complex regulations

  • Be a trading platform without being a custodian
  • Remove the borders and access traders around the globe
Become a broker

Featured Partner:


Zoya is the leading halal investing app that makes it easy for Muslims to build and manage shariah compliant investment portfolios. With powerful screening tools, portfolio syncing, zakat calculation, and direct trading, Zoya provides faith-based investors with an all-in-one platform to align their money with their values.

Why SnapTrade?

By integrating with SnapTrade’s API, Zoya enables its users to easily track and monitor their portfolio, as well as invest in shariah-compliant stocks and ETFs, without needing to transfer assets or toggle between multiple apps. This allows for a frictionless, end-to-end halal investing journey for Muslim investors worldwide.

“SnapTrade’s developer-friendly API has been instrumental in creating a seamless halal investing experience at Zoya. Their support and flexibility have allowed us to build unique experiences that are tailored to the needs of our community.”

Saad Malik

CEO and Co-Founder, Zoya

Give your users the investing experience of their dreams