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Launch a new API era to change the global investment economy.


Launch a new API era to change the global investment economy.

SnapTrade is laser-focused on building an ecosystem that enables new investing experiences around the world. We grind everyday to build amazing API products for our trailblazing partners to explore their brilliant ideas for how users can invest, bringing about change in the financial world.



Creating API products so you can build your dream app.

SnapTrade looked at the world of API investing and decided it was time for a change. We founded a retail app but didn’t like the API options out there - so we built a better one. Just like our partners, we saw a new, better world and set out to build it.



The brilliant trailblazers of embedded investing

You are the builders of new investing experiences. You are the dreamers of exciting possibilities for the financial economy. It’s our job to give you the API you need to bring those dreams into reality.

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Apps use SnapTrade to improve user onboarding, increase engagement on platform, and allow for users to trade natively on their platform.
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Leadership Team

Brendan Wood

CEO and Co-Founder

Brendan is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of SnapTrade. Prior to launching SnapTrade, Brendan led engineering at a venture-backed data aggregation startup, implemented a GPU-based classification engine at Salesforce, and built a toolchain optimizer for CNC machines.

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Brendan Wood, CEO of SnapTrade

Brendan Lee Young

CRO and Co-Founder

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Brendan relocated to Canada where he co-founded SnapTrade. As an entrepreneur, Brendan’s passion is to build win-win solutions that connect people. His genuine curiosity about what businesses are doing helps him better serve fintechs looking for solutions to their business problems.

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Brendan Lee Young, CRO of SnapTrade

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