Get Closer To Your Customers and Bring Them Closer To Each other

Leverage the data for what your users buy, hold, and sell to provide education and analysis or interact with other product features and each other.

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Engage users based on their current holdings and trading activity

  • .Keep users on your platform by building powerful engagement loops
  • Create meaningful and actionable insights 
  • Build bespoke investing experiences with high-quality integrations

Featured Partner:


Blossom is an investing social network where users share their recent trades and get ideas for new trades to make.

Why SnapTrade?

SnapTrade automatically detects when Blossom users buy and sell in their trading account, which notifies Blossom of the event and pushes the trade information out to the user’s friend network. This is a seamless way for users to keep up-to-date with how their friends invest.
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“SnapTrade is the engine that powers our core engagement features…”

Max Nicholson

Founder, Blossom

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