Get Investors Using Their Data Quicker and With Greater Accuracy

Eliminate the need for CSV uploads and manual entry. Reduce user maintenance on their data.


Sync user data one time and forget about it

  • Easy data syncing eliminates the friction of CSV uploads and manual data entry
  • Build onboarding experiences unique to your users’ needs
  • Reduce developer load for manual entry features
sync user

Cleaner data that is maintenance-free

  • Ensure user data stays up-to-date with real-time syncing
  • Reliable unified ticker symbols for user holdings
  • Remove human error from the data equation
Cleaner data

Accelerate the user experience

  • Get users onto your platform faster
  • Create opportunities for users to experience your product value instantly
  • Instantly provide users a holistic view of their data

Featured Partner:

Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall Street is a portfolio analytics tool for long-term investing to help individuals at every stage of their investment journey.

Why SnapTrade?

SnapTrade connects Simply Wall Street customers to their portfolios quickly and without friction. This allows Simply Wall Street to build dozens of analysis tools they can offer to their users to learn about their portfolios.
Mauro Ferrantequote

“One of the biggest friction points for us is the portfolio creation process and maintenance. By connecting their portfolios with SnapTrade it lets users import their portfolio in just a few clicks and stays up to date automatically. That is a big value proposition.”

Mauro Ferrante

Group Product Manager, Simply Wall Street

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