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Connect retail brokerage accounts to your app

SnapTrade enables account syncing and trading from within your app. With one integration get connectivity to top retail brokerages across the globe.

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SnapTrade API brokerage account data and code


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Why SnapTrade


Onboard and keep users on your platform

Benefit from superior connection success rates and long lived connections.

Data needs

Get the data you need, when you need it

Configure your app to access your users’ balances, holdings, orders, and transactions all based on your use-case and data synching needs

Embedded Trading

Embedded Trading

Leverage users’ existing brokerage accounts to trade stocks, ETFs, crypto, and options from within your app.

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Access a global audience of retail investors with our brokerage integrations

What other customers have to say

“By connecting their portfolios with SnapTrade it lets users import their portfolio in just a few clicks and stays up to date automatically. That is a big value proposition.”

Mauro Ferrante, Simply Wall Street

Mauro Ferrante

Group Product Manager, Simply Wall Street

"The API is a dream come true. It has been above and beyond any other company I've ever worked with. Our support tickets have legitimately dropped by 50%."

Bryce Matheson, The Dividend Tracker

Bryce Matheson

Co-Founder, The Dividend Tracker

“SnapTrade is the engine that drives our core engagement tools. The API gives our users the power to share their investments and learn from eachother.”

Max Nicholson, Blossom

Max Nicholson

Founder, Blossom

Build to the API in less than 7 days

Get started quickly by using the official SnapTrade SDK in your language of choice


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