SnapTrade and AInvest announce a partnership

We’re thrilled to announce SnapTrade is live with AInvest. AInvest is the industry leading AI investing platform that leverages the power of AI to analyze and recommend stocks for your portfolio.

AInvest unleashes the power of AI to all your investing accounts

Ainvest provides users with a personal AI analyst named Aime. Aime can scan and summarize the news, discover trade ideas, and analyze stocks. By simply asking Aime questions, users can read financial news directly impacting their stocks, screen stocks by fundamental and technical data, time trades with easy-to-use chart indicators and manage their trading accounts online or in the AInvest app.

With SnapTrade, Aime can maximize its AI analytical power by accessing consistent and accurate data from all a users' investing accounts. Through the SnapTrade API, AInvest users enjoy a seamless integration process that aggregates all the investment data from their brokerage accounts into a single convenient AInvest dashboard, called Broker Connect.

Broker Connect Highlights:

  • View Account Balance: Effortless monitoring user financial health.
  • Track Positions: Real-time insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Place Orders Anytime: Seamless trading at a users' fingertips.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Deep dive into investment strategies with sophisticated tools.

Additionally, AInvest is towards new, exciting projects, such as:

  • More Exciting Capacities on the Way: the AInvest team is relentlessly working on model training to bring even more magic to the investment experience.
  • Innovative AI-Driven Features: harnessing the power of AI to offer smarter, more intuitive investment tools.

SnapTrade’s API powers AInvest Broker Connect

SnapTrade’s API includes integrations to over 20 brokerages with a deep set of features, from account balances, order types and positions for ETFs and stocks, and much more. Utilizing these features together allows apps to create investment capabilities that didn’t exist before.

By using SnapTrade’s API, AInvest was able to launch an original product, Broker Connect, to market. Products that were once only an idea are now possible.

AInvest x SnapTrade add AI to all your investing  

SnapTrade is thrilled to be partnering with AInvest, the leader in AI investing. Without leaving the AInvest's platform, users leverage AI analysis every step of the way through the investing journey. From portfolio to execution, users can leverage AI natively in all their trading. With SnapTrade, AInvest will transform your trading experience by adding AI into all your investing accounts.

Visit AInvest today to unlock the power of AI.