SnapTrade partners with Delta

We’re thrilled to announce SnapTrade has partnered with Delta to deliver a powerful investment data experience. Delta is a leading all-in-one portfolio tracker.

Delta sets the standard for portfolio tracking and analysis

Delta allows investors to dive into the depths of their portfolio with powerful insights tailored to their holdings. Users can check their performance, portfolio diversity, decision-making skills, and more. Delta keeps you notified about rebalances and new holdings and compositions, while offering pre-personalized notifications based on your app behavior.

Delta’s users come to Delta for a very specific use: to get an accurate and comprehensive view of their investments, when they want it. If users had to re-connect to their brokers every time they logged in or if they had to sync their accounts on a regular basis to refresh the data, it would make for a poor user experience. Potentially, this could cause user churn.

With the SnapTrade API, users can connect directly to their brokerages and pull the data straight from the source. 

This begins by eliminating the manual entry process so users are free to spend their time engaging more with Delta’s platform and not doing data entry tasks. To ensure the data is accurate and on-time, Delta needs a connection process that pulls user account data straight from the source at their brokerage, removing the manual entry process. Users no longer have the limiting factor of human interaction to keep up with a market that is constantly moving.

Once connected to their accounts via SnapTrade, users can expect to not have to reconnect on a frequent basis because of persistent connections to the API. With connections that stay live for long periods, the data is fresh and requires no effort to retrieve on the users part. This is particularly crucial for Pro features such as Risk Analysis or Portfolio P/E, which require accurate data to return results that inform their users' investing decisions - sometimes when the market is on the move and a decision needs to be made urgently.

With SnapTrade’s brokerage integrations, Delta can be more sticky, continue to delight their users, improve customer retention..

SnapTrade’s API gives Delta access to more retail brokerage audiences

With SnapTrade, Delta has access to 16 of our 20+ retail brokerages - that’s 16 audiences of investors who can now connect their portfolios to Delta. investors who have accounts with Fidelity, Robinhood, Questrade, Schwab, Alpaca, Vanguard, Webull, and others are now ready to enjoy the Delta experience.

Along with more integrations, Delta benefits from more robust brokerage integrations. SnapTrade’s brokerage integrations go much deeper and are better quality, which allows Delta to deepen their product features or focus resources to deliver value across its entire platform.

Delta x SnapTrade elevates the portfolio tracker experience

SnapTrade is excited to be partnering with Delta, a global leader for investors looking to track all their investments in one place. With SnapTrade implemented, Delta can now engage its users with enhanced tooling that is even more reliable than before.

Visit Delta today to discover one of the leading all-in-one portfolio trackers.


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