We’re thrilled to announce Diversiview from LENSELL, a portfolio analysis and optimisation software, has launched with SnapTrade.

Diversiview empowers you to take control of your investment journey

Diversiview is the first and only application that allows you to analyze mixed investment portfolios, understand your portfolio risk-return profile and optimise your asset allocation, to suit your own risk and return expectation.

With Diversiview you can see the expected performance of your portfolio in its current form (composition and asset allocation), conduct backtesting, and analyze more efficient positions for your portfolio. To deliver maximum value from these functions, Diversiview requires accurate user portfolio data to run modeling. Using the SnapTrade API allows users to import their holdings directly from their brokerage. This process eliminates human error common with manual uploading. 

An additional feature is that Diversiview helps users review their portfolio periodically with alerts given whenever a users’ portfolio’s risk or return changes. This requires connection persistence to analyze the data at rest, when users are not logged in. The SnapTrade API has connection persistence up to 30 days, which allows users to connect to their broker once and Diversiview to engage with the data to send its alerts. 

Diversiview and SnapTrade bring structure to retail investor data  

A crucial component of Diversiview is providing comprehensive support for all securities listed on the ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, NSE, and BSE, allowing investors to analyse and optimise diversified portfolios across a wide spectrum of investment options and geographies. These stock tickers are unified through the SnapTrade API so that users have consistency across their portfolio.

With fewer headaches on the data side and receiving top-of-the-line customer support from SnapTrade to action bugs, Diversiview can focus their resources on other aspects of their business. They can focus on expanding their audiences in the Australian market with CommSec and Stake Aus, the international audiences through Vanguard and Fidelity, and the Indian market with Zerodha - all integrations built through the SnapTrade API.

Diversiview and SnapTrade take the complexity out of retail investing

SnapTrade is thrilled to be partnering with Diversiview from LENSELL, to deliver investors tools to optimize their portfolios like never before. By pulling investor data directly from the source and unifying the data, Diversiview can leverage its complex mathematical algorithms to users’ portfolio data for a powerful investor experience. With SnapTrade, Diversiview can bring enterprise-level tools to more retail investors.

Visit Diversiew today to find the power of portfolio optimization.

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