SnapTrade partners with Scrab

We’re thrilled to announce Scrab, an app taking data-driven stock pickling to the next level, has launched on the SnapTrade API.

Scrab is democratizing data-driven investments

Scrab uses fundamental scoring to evaluate dozens of fundamental indicators in seconds, create test strategies, and assist users to periodically rebalance their portfolio. Their users can fully customize their strategy and screen, analyze and backtest to make the best investment decisions.

Scrab offers a variety of features for users to research the market, from screening stocks, scoring stocks, and backtesting. However, a key piece of their user experience is allowing users to manage and evaluate their own portfolios. To provide the best user experience Scrab needs data to be accurate and real-time so users can comprehensively take action on how their portfolio is performing. 

Firstly, Scrab allows for eliminating all the friction that comes with the manual upload process. Users connect directly to their retail brokerage accounts, thus eliminating the need for repeated uploads to update their positions every time they visit Scrab’s platform.

The second part is that by integrating the data directly, Scrab can then let the user engage with their own data in a number of strategic ways. Investors can be given indications of how to rebalance their positions, leverage Scrabs stock scoring against their own positions, quickly analyze their portfolio diversification, or apply calculations based on Hierarchical Risk Parity or Equal Risk methodologies. 
SnapTrade’s API is quick to integrate and reduces resource load on developer teams

The SnapTrade API offers a high quality connection into end users retail brokerage accounts via a single API. Therefore, data is pulled directly from its source at the end users' broker consistently and from a persistent connection.

It takes less than a week to integrate with SnapTrade as our teams act as guides to work directly with the developer team to integrate. By utilizing our Konfig tools and SDKs to launch, the onboarding process is fast and smooth.

Scrab can now focus on launching new features and products

By consuming SnapTrade’s API to achieve their product goals, Scrab effectively reduces the burden on resources and time that it takes to build and maintain these connections themselves. Connecting to end users accounts at Degiro, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity,  and eventually, eToro, Schwab and E-Trade and others, is quick and easy.

As a result, Scrab can build out features and products that engage their users in brand new ways to keep them on the platform and enjoying Scrab’s product.

Scrab and SnapTrade are making data-driven investing more engaging than ever before

SnapTrade is thrilled to be partnering with Scrab, a trailblazing app in the digital investment economy and integrating with SnapTrade’s API is allowing them to create an entirely new user experience based around mathematical and data-driven investing. 

Visit Scrab today and begin your journey to learn, grow, and invest confidently.

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