We’re thrilled to announce Stock Unlock, a game-changing stock analysis platform that also educates current and future investors, has launched on the SnapTrade API.

Stock Unlock is changing the game

Stock Unlock analyzes and scores the fundamentals of over 170,000 global stocks and ETFs, so end users can spend less time researching and more time finding better investments. End users can then have their portfolio analyzed on its fundamentals, dividends, insider transactions, and more. 

Providing this user experience requires user portfolio data as well as market data. Stock Unlock needs this data to be as accurate as possible so users receive the best insights and find the stocks they are looking for.

The traditional method for getting user portfolio data was CSV uploads and manual data entry. The problem with these methods affect both Stock Unlock and their users:

1. Data integrity is inconsistent due to human error
2. Data becomes outdated very soon after
3. For CSVs, the hassle of unifying the data downloaded from a users’ brokerage to meet the specific formatting of the applications for uploading
4. Manual data entry requires regular, monotonous effort by the user to update their data

For market data, issues arise around ensuring data is unified (ticker symbols match, etc.). Without unified stock symbol data, Stock Unlock risks not giving the best possible data to its users, not being able to find certain stocks, or returning data to an incorrect stock entirely. 

SnapTrade’s API continues to democratize the investment space

Using an API to integrate to an end users’ brokerage allows for the most accurate and up-to-date portfolio data. User data is pulled directly from its source at the brokerage.

To assist Stock Unlock in doing their job most effectively, SnapTrade provides purpose-built API brokerage integrations for accessing the quality data that their users require. The connections then sync regularly for the most up-to-date data.

SnapTrade has built API integrations for a number of brokerages relevant to Stock Unlock’s user base, including Wealthsimple, Fidelity, and Robinhood. What’s more, these integrations also provide the feature data their users most look for - holdings, transaction history, and orders.

Stock Unlock can do more than before

By consuming SnapTrade’s API, Stock Unlock can focus their efforts on other areas of the user experience because they can rely on the data provided by SnapTrade’s API. 

The relationship also frees Stock Unlock to access new audiences and have more resources to do so. With SnapTrade focused on building new brokerage integrations and features, Stock Unlock can access new audiences and allocate their efforts to acquiring those new customers in the future. 

Stock Unlock and SnapTrade are educating the next generation 

SnapTrade is thrilled to be partnering with Stock Unlock. This partnership has leveled up the way Stock Unlock delivers to investors the tools they need to improve their returns. With SnapTrade, Stock Unlock can now let users analyze their portfolios in ways that greatly enhance the traditional brokerage research process - creating a completely new investing experience.

Visit Stock Unlock today and begin your journey to learn, grow, and invest confidently.