SnapTrade and The Dividend Tracker Partnership

We’re thrilled to announce SnapTrade has completed their integration with The Dividend Tracker. The Dividend Tracker allows users to ditch the spreadsheet and use a modern solution to track their dividend income.

The Dividend Tracker gives dividend investor the tools to stay on top of their investments

The Dividend Tracker is creating a better user experience for managing their dividend portfolios. Users can track their portfolio to see when they are receiving dividend payments, how much, and from which companies. Their dividend payout calendar is an easy way to track their upcoming payments. Additional features such as watchlists, dividend alerts, and calculators make it easier than ever to manage dividends.

The Dividend Tracker uses SnapTrade to ditch the manual entry process for users to upload their investment data. Manual entry can be a limiting factor because of human error and the speed of change the average portfolio goes through. This makes the value of accurate data crucial for equally accurate dividend payout information. 

Through the SnapTrade API, The Dividend Tracker users enjoy a seamless integration process that aggregates all the investment data from their brokerage accounts. Their suite of features - including future value calculators, dividend grades, and more - are enhanced by the unified data that SnapTrade can return over the API. Furthermore, their dividend alert system can be more reliable because the data it is looking at is more accurate. 

The SnapTrade API makes it simpler and quicker for The Dividend Tracker to provide its tooling for the best user experience possible.

SnapTrade’s API frees developer resource to focus on new challenges

Many of our fintech partners are new apps. They need to be extremely focused on user success for their app to grow. Customers churning because of technical issues is simply not an option.

SnapTrade’s customer service focus lets fintech apps have peace of mind when dealing with these user issues. By providing a direct connection to our Customer Success and Support Teams, any issues that are identified by our partners can be addressed very quickly. Furthermore, any identified issues can then be rolled out across SnapTrade’s API and create a knock-on effect to further improve the quality for all of our partners.

This has made a direct impact for The Dividend Tracker. Using SnapTrade instead of building an in-house integration has reduced their support ticket burden by 50%. Their development team can now focus on new projects. 

The Dividend Tracker x SnapTrade take dividend tooling to the next level

SnapTrade is excited to be partnering with The Dividend Tracker, delivering one of the best investment experiences tailored to dividend investors. With SnapTrade implemented, The Dividend Tracker can now engage its users with enhanced tooling that is even more reliable than before.

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