We’re thrilled to announce Urvin Finance, an app for investors that brings together Data, Community, Education, and Advocacy, has launched on the SnapTrade API.

Urvin Finance creates investor communities

Urvin Finance levels the playing field for the average investor by giving them direct access to the same professional quality data and tools as wealthy elites and institutional investors. With the tools and data at their fingertips, users can connect with communities of like-minded investors, take learning courses to advance their knowledge, and then work with other Urvin users to advocate for change.

To provide this user experience, Urvin requires user portfolio data as well as market data. This lets users accurately view and track their holdings, gain access to communities based on their investing profiles, and provide their users with proper educational content based on the users’ investments. 

SnapTrade’s API creates authentication solutions for community access

Urvin Finance’s use case begins with quickly getting users onboarded and engaging with eachother, which requires a seamless way for users to get their investment data. Traditionally, this would have been CSV uploads or manual entry, which is an imperfect solution. 

SnapTrade’s API fetches this data with greater accuracy and more quickly by connecting users to their data via purpose-built integrations at their brokerage. The result is a frictionless onboarding experience and a stream of access to up-to-date portfolio data directly from its source at the brokerage, providing users a holistic view of their investment portfolio. Users then have a 10,000-foot view of their portfolios that they can leverage Urvin’s tools to better manage and understand.

The real power of Urvin Finance’s use case is access to communities. With the data pulled via the SnapTrade API, portfolio holdings can be used as a key or credential to unlock specific communities where those portfolio holdings are required. In a sense, their data becomes an access token. Users can then engage with eachother based on characteristics they have in common, such as if they are both shareholders of a particular company.

A unique authentication use is that Urvin can pull transaction history from the SnapTrade API so that users can be authenticated based on their history. This would allow Urvin opportunities to engage with their users based on investing actions they have taken in the past, for example, if they were a long-term owner of Nike shares. 

To bring this all together, Urvin’s users need access to market data. Under traditional means of fetching this data, issues often arise around ensuring data is unified (ticker symbols match, etc.). Without unified stock symbol data, Urvin Finance risks not giving the best possible data to its users resulting in a poor user experience. With SnapTrade, tickers from a variety of broker APIs are unified to ensure consistency across Urvin’s platform.

Urvin Finance can do more than before

By consuming SnapTrade’s API, Urvin Finance now has the keys to engage and authenticate their users and focus on how to make their platform more sticky. With user data authenticated and accurate, Urvin can find new and exciting ways to engage with their users, such as providing insights on historical investments that may be at a desirable price point to buy again.  

As important, Urvin has a global focus. SnapTrade’s integrations list of over 30 brokerages giving Urvin a wider reach to connect investors across the globe - thus making communities ambler and more accessible. With SnapTrade building new brokerage integrations on a regular basis, Urvin Finance can focus on the user experience knowing that their reach will grow as SnapTrade provides greater audience access. 

Urvin Finance and SnapTrade are educating the next generation 

SnapTrade is thrilled to be partnering with Urvin Finance. This partnership has taken Urvin Finance to the next level in their growth, freeing them to focus on building the communities and educational engagement that are the lifeblood of their platform. 

Visit Urvin Finance today and to find investment communities and educational tools to get you on the same playing field as the elites in the market.