SnapTrade partners with Ziggma

We’re pleased to announce SnapTrade has partnered with Ziggma to deliver a powerful investment data experience. Ziggma offers a top-tier platform for self-directed, active investors to grow their wealth and achieve their investment goals.

Ziggma tracks and analyzes user portfolios for making the best possible investment choices

Ziggma empowers users with unique insights and tools to make the best investment decisions for their portfolios. Designed by seasoned professional portfolio managers, Ziggma provides a 360° view of asset split, portfolio quality, portfolio income and risk. Ziggma also provides algorithm-powered fundamental stock analysis giving users an edge through proprietary stock rankings. Beyond investment tracking, Ziggma empowers users through innovative portfolio optimization tools, such as the Portfolio Simulator, for optimal decision-making.

SnapTrade powers Ziggma’s wealth consolidation feature so that it can provide users with unique analytics and insights into their investment portfolios. Through the SnapTrade API, Ziggma users enjoy a seamless integration process that aggregates all the investment data from their brokerage accounts into a single dashboard and portfolio view - eliminating the need for manual input and increasing the level of engagement from Ziggma’s tools.

Because SnapTrade offers a deep set of investment data features over the API, Ziggma can use that data to pull all of a users accounts into one place. After which, Ziggma can complete a whole variety of valuable analysis, such as tracking a users’ aggregate investment income over time or analyzing their portfolio risk. And by using the API data in conjunction with its own stock analysis data, Ziggma can more effectively measure how a stock would fit in a users’ portfolio.

SnapTrade’s API opens the door to new product launches for more brokerage customers

With SnapTrade, Ziggma has access to 20+ retail brokerages. Ziggma is able to link investment accounts with leading brokers, such as Fidelity, Robinhood, and Webull. This expands their potential user base reach.

Meanwhile, because SnapTrade’s API offers a deep set of features - from account balances, order types and positions for ETFs and stocks - Ziggma can now package these features to create investment capabilities that aren’t offered anywhere else.

Put those two things together and Ziggma has strengthened its go-to-market strategy.

Ziggma x SnapTrade makes wealth tracking more powerful than before

SnapTrade is excited to be partnering with Ziggma to power its market-leading wealth-building platform. Ziggma users can now track their wealth in a single platform and leverage powerful tools and insights to make optimal investment decisions.