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BUX brokerage API integration with SnapTrade.


BUX is an online brokerage, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Authentication TypeLogin Credentials
Assets TypeStock, ETFs, ADR
Connection TypeRead
Transactions HistoryNot Available

About This Integration

BUX is one of Europe’s fastest-growing brokers, serving markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Ireland, and Belgium.

The BUX brokerage API from SnapTrade is a bespoke integration, requiring a password/PIN authentication.

The brokerage API has a balanced set of features, supporting basic account types, Total Cash account balances, as well as basic position asset classes.

SnapTrade’s API for BUX retains historical transaction data back to account opening.

This integration does not support trading.

For full details on the BUX brokerage integration, visit our Notion page