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E-Trade brokerage API integration with SnapTrade.


E-Trade Financial Corporation is a financial services company, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Authentication TypeLogin Credentials
Assets TypeStock, ETFs, ADR
Connection TypeRead
Transactions HistoryNot Available

About This Integration

E-Trade is a comprehensive trading platform serving the United States market which offers online investing and trading from Morgan Stanley.

The E-Trade brokerage API from SnapTrade is a bespoke integration, requiring a password/PIN authentication and additional SMS-based two-factor authentication for added security.

The brokerage API supports basic trading account types and data for account balances. Via the SnapTrade API, historical transactions from E-Trade accounts can be pulled back to account opening.

The E-Trade integration features data for positions and orders for stock, ETF, and ADR asset classes.

This brokerage API integration does not support trading.

For full details on the E-Trade brokerage integration, visit our Notion page