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Tradier brokerage API integration with SnapTrade.


Tradier is a full-featured, customizable trading platform, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Authentication TypeOAuth
Assets TypeStock, ETFs, ADR, Options
Connection TypeTrade
Transactions HistoryTo Account Opening

About This Integration

Tradier is a platform servicing the United States, offering solutions for investors, developers, and businesses across different asset classes and cryptocurrencies.

The Tradier brokerage API is an official (OAuth) integration with SnapTrade, requiring users to authenticate via their Tradier accounts for secure access.

The brokerage API offers support for basic accounts including balances for total cash and total account value (beta).

SnapTrade's Tradier integration supports a variety of asset classes for positions and orders data.

The Tradier API integration includes a variety of transaction types as well as historical transaction data dating back to account opening.

Trading is compatible across a spectrum of assets with the Tradier API, supporting different order types, and offering multiple types of time in force. This brokerage integration includes the capability for fractional trading in shares.

For full details on the Tradier brokerage integration, visit our Notion page