SnapTrade Launches Official Integration With E*TRADE

SnapTrade has launched an official integration to E*TRADE’s Trading API. This new integration significantly improves the overall experience on apps that connect to E*TRADE accounts while delivering account expansion value back to E*TRADE. This is a major step to creating win-win-win solutions for end users, fintech apps, and retail brokerages. 

The E*TRADE official integration enhances SnapTrade’s support for U.S.-based investors, serving an audience of 6 million brokerage accounts at E*TRADE. This integration gives E*TRADE customers the ability to tailor their investing experience when and where they desire. 

“To best serve the end users of fintech apps, we must work closely with brokerages to develop official integrations to their APIs,” said Brendan Wood, CEO and co-founder of SnapTrade. “By providing OAuth access to brokerage APIs, brokerages can see a tremendous lift in account activity and forge tighter ties with customers - wherever those customers are doing their investing.”

By launching an official integration with E*TRADE, SnapTrade is significantly expanding the functionality of its current E*TRADE integration for a direct impact on the end-user experience. The resulting improvements to the reliability, persistence, and data quality returned over the API are substantial. In addition, authentication via OAuth provides a more seamless connection experience. Also available via the new integration will be transaction history reporting for buys, sells, deposits, withdrawals, dividends, and fees.

This is the third official integration built by SnapTrade in the past six months, out of a total of six total new integration builds. 

“We are entering a new phase where we can deliver new integrations much more efficiently, quickly, and with a deeper set of features at MVP,” said Terry Ma, Chief Technical Officer at SnapTrade, “Our development team is excited to see the impact on our partners with the E*TRADE integration and future integrations in the pipeline.”

SnapTrade has over 250K connected investment accounts across all its partner integrations. Major partners include Simply Wall Street, Blossom, and AInvest. The total assets connected across all SnapTrade partners is over $7 billion.